In the city of Aven lived four teenagers who were the best friends in the world. They were exceptional due to their extravagant dreams. Alan’s passion was the stars and space travel, Noah longed to meet her superheroes, Zach wanted to challenge the strongest man in the world and Ryan desired to see the Agape face-to-face.
Children of modern times, trust them on anything hi-tech, science fiction, space, martial arts, comics and cartoons. They spent their time, talents and savings on these things, meaning starving at school. They lived in the same neighbourhood, attended the same school and were everywhere together. They used to gather at night on the roof of Alan’s house to talk of fantastic adventures. As they gazed at the stars, they believed earnestly and waited patiently for the fulfilment of their dreams.

A spaceship, RM XIX, was launching from their city. As these four friends talked about it each day, Noah had an idea. She proposed that they sneak into the ship and hide there until it was launched. They all agreed, as it was their only chance of getting to space. They began collecting information about RM XIX and the astronomy base. They packed their stuffs and got ready for the trip. Alan’s father was working at the astronomy centre so he got four air bottles from there. Noah brought provisions while Zach and Ryan drew up a plan.

Dressed in special space suits, the children secretly broke into the astronomy base and entered the spaceship a few hours before launch. No door resisted the smart Ryan, and so the four friends found themselves in the third compartment of the spaceship at countdown. Full of expectation, they waited quietly for zero hour. Then RM XIX took off, and the children headed for space.
They sat silently in the third compartment until the vessel moved out of Earth’s atmosphere and became steady in outer space. After minutes of anticipation, the children got up and looked out the transparent window. They got the best of it. Alan, Noah, Ryan and Zach rejoiced as they gazed in wonder at the mystery of space. And what a marvel it was to them!

They made a mistake though. They failed to inquire about the shuttle’s stages of movement. The mission of RM XIX was to provide space station VEX M21 with materials for construction. It never had to take a straightforward course. It had to detour along the way, moving first towards Jupiter and then coming back to the space station. What our friends did not know was that the compartment in which they were would be cut off during the turn.

Indeed, near Jupiter, the small compartment was disconnected from the main vessel and drifted alone into unknown space. On realizing this, the children panicked and feared all was lost. But Ryan reassured his friends and they were strengthened to face this situation courageously.

Noah: “At least we’ve seen space, and we all agreed to accept the consequences of our action.”
Alan: “This is epic! We’re presently living our dreams. I don’t know about you, guys but this is the best end for me. I’ve reached where I’ve always wanted to be.”
Zach: “Do not talk of end when we’re only at the beginning. I feel something even bigger will happen to us.”
Ryan: “We always look at the sky when we bless Him. It’s now or never, guys. Let’s put our faith to work.”
Noah: “Saying it is easy, but how do we do that?”
Ryan: “By imagining and declaring what we want to happen to us and being certain of the outcome. We only need faith alone in Him alone.”
Alan: “I knew this journey was going to be extraordinary. I’m ready, so let’s get started.”

The children put on their helmets, held hands and closed their eyes with total confidence. As they were communing, a small meteor advanced straight ahead at high speed, and hit the capsule forcefully. The impact was great and tore open the capsule, projecting the children into outer space. They struggled and held hands again, and so formed a circle in space.

They smiled widely at each other for they were living there what they used to talk about each night – floating in space. As they remained in this position, savouring the uniqueness of the moment, a bright light flashed at a distance and moved gradually in their direction. They remained calm and pressed each other’s hands while gazing at the approaching brightness. It caught them eventually and the luminosity engulfed them, driving them into oblivion.

The unpleasant sensation of water splashed on a sleeper’s face woke them out of coma. They got up and noticed that their space suits were gone and they were in their normal clothes. Looking around, they found themselves in a field, large and beautiful with magnificent scenery in the background. They knew it wasn’t Earth yet something still looked familiar. They were shocked as they turned around and identified the one standing behind them as actually…